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AMU VC’s Gender Biased Mindset

The issue to stop undergraduate female students from using the central library in Aligarh Muslim University ‘to control crowd,’ can be termed anything, but ‘concern for the safety of female students’.

Vice Chancellor’s Zameeruddin Shah’s arguments are all the more contradictory. He says the girl’s hostel ‘Abdullah hall’ is two kilometers away and the girls have a library of their own. The boy’s hostel is in the campus and so the boys have access to the historic central library all the time.Shouldn’t it be the other way round? Those living nearer and face little hassle reaching the library should be allotted fixed time memos while those living far away get the leeway to access resources easily.

If the girls have a library of their own, does it mean that even libraries should be segregated gender wise. Also if professional and post graduate students are allowed why bar just the undergraduate female students of a particular hostel. Are their rights less worthy than the seniors and professional students as those studying Medical and Engineering?

The question is can the administration discriminate between students on grounds of gender. If there safety is a concern that should be the responsibility and duty of the administration. Caging and restricting women students further deprive them of equal status.

Also educational institutions have to be fair to all students irrespective of their gender, merit and importance. They rather should restrain unruly elements in the campus. And not further deprive equal rights of certain students on grounds of gender and excuses of ‘women safety’.

VC’s mindset displays the generality in our concern for women. Women need equal public space for being equally productive. Depriving them of their rights is not ensuring their safety.

Posted on December 06, 2014