Mother Already A Saint In Calcutta

With folded hands Margeret Rose of Park Street in Kolkata comes stand praying near Mother’s statue at right corner of the entrance of Mother’s Home, also the headquarters of Missionaries… More »

Chachal Graveyard: Where a Blind Guards the Unknown Dead

Uri (Kashmir): Izhar Nazir Ali:   This is the story of Atta Mohammad Khan, 69, who doesn´t know the dead or their names but has the expertise in burrying the… More »

Manipur: The Second Generation Worry of Living with the HIV

“It is not living differently, it is just unusual´ says seventeen year old Prakhriti Thaodem, a eleven grade student from West Imphal, the capital city of North East state Manipur.… More »

Inroads into dense Sundarbans through women laid Brick Lanes

Colony para is just another far-fetched village in remote Sundarban area of South 24 Paragana district of West Bengal. Until recently the village was completely inaccessible to the main world… More »

A Calendar with a Difference

You may have seen calendars featuring super models or filmstars, but ´The City in Love´ is a calendar with a difference, based on the relations of love within the LGBT… More »

UP: Toilet Connections of the ‘No-Toilet’ Women in Fatehpur

Wee hours in remote villages in UP is unique with flurry of activities. Women across caste line flock together from their homes to attend to nature’s call before the first… More »

Muslim Women Fight JSY Graft in Kishanganj

At 16, Masooma Begum had her first child. That was in early 2012. Even today, the horror of her labour and delivery is clearly etched in her mind. A resident… More »

Tripura: ASHA Workers get Hope to ReangTibals Dying of Malaria

“Asha means hope”, says the twenty nine year old SarodhanMalsom, describing her work as the Accredited Social Health Activist ( ASHA) in remote Dhanchora village ofAmbassablock of Dhalaidistrict where more… More »

Ansley Jones Heals Victims of Sexual Violence with Hip Hop Moves

Ansley “Jukeboxx” Jones, a hip hop artist from the United States had been vigorously training school girls in Patna for the past month on the use of hip hop dance… More »

Muslim Youth Against Dowry

The sheer despair and agony of parents, forced to consider dowry demands from prospective grooms for their daughter, made Arjuma, 19, take a bold decision. It was better to remain… More »