Eminent Jurist Fali Nariman calls Narendra Modi government ´majoritarian´, says ´Hinduism´ is losing its tolerant nature.

Eminent Jurist Fali Nariman at the annual lecture organised by the National Commission for Minorities said that the ´Hindu tradition of tolerance is showing strain´. He said, “My apprehension is… More »


Love Jihad, Conversion and More

By Ajitha Menon   Any forcible conversion is to be condemned. Having said that, it has to be underlined that the Indian constitution grants religious freedom as a fundamental right… More »


The Modi Sarkar: Initial Symptoms

Ram Puniyani   It is already over two months that Narendra Modi has taken over as the prime minister of the country. While some may call it as a ‘honey… More »

Ideology as a cover for political agenda: New ICHR chief is a communal ideologue

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Gods on earth: Shankaracharya says no to worship of Sai Baba

Ram Puniyani   The phenomenon of God is probably the most complex one in the World. For believers there is a range of belief system about the supernatural powers. For… More »

Do The Hindus Want A Uniform Civil Code: Mani Shankar Aiyar

(Mani Shankar Aiyar is a Congress MP in the Rajya Sabha)   My Sikh wife and I were married 41 years ago under the Special Marriage Act, 1954. But for… More »


Facebook post has cost the life of a young IT professional in Pune. Mohsin Sadiq Shaikh, a twenty four year old techie from Solapur district was killed allegedly by members… More »

Muslim Vote and the Big Influence

At this point of time, the Lok Sabha election campaign seems to have assigned a higher value to the Muslim vote than their actual numbers in the Indian population—about 15%… More »

Myth and the Mystery about Indian Muslims — By Tanweer Alam

It’s absolutely untrue that benefits of economic development have bypassed India’s largest minority   At this point of time, the Lok Sabha election campaign seems to have assigned a higher… More »

Mine will be a government that gives equal respect to all religions: PM

Faith Matters: Full Text of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Address at the National Celebration of Sainthood of Chavara and Mother Euphrasia   This is his second speech on religious matters… More »