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“Hindues to be rehabilitated, others to be sent back”, Modi says in Assam »

While addressing an election rally in South Assam’s Silchar district BJP’s prime ministerial candidate NarendraModi said specifically that “Migrant Hindues will have to be accommodated in the country while others have to be sent back”. He said,“We have our duty towards those Hindus who are harassed in other countries. Where can they go? India is the only place for them. Our government will not trouble them. We will have to accommodate them here and the burden of the Hindu migrant population will have to be shared by all states”.


The Vajpayee government had launched a special scheme to rehabilitate Hindu refugees from Pakistan in 2003. “Since a large number of Hindus are also being evicted from Bangladesh, their burden will have to be shared by all states. It will be wrong to let Assam take the entire burden,” he said during his first election campaign in the north east region as the prime ministerial candidate of the BJP.


“The infiltrators from Bangladesh will have to go or else will be sent back to where they came from”. “It cannot happen that the youth of Assam remain unemployed while infiltrators from outside come and take away jobs”. “Let us form the government in Delhi”, he said.


Modialso referred to Hindus being “harassed” in other countries like Fiji, Mauritius and the US.“Naturally they will have to come to India and we will accommodate them,” he said.


The Barak Valley in South Assam has two parliamentary constituencies, Karimgunj and Silchar. Although the population of the Hinduesishigh yet Muslims constitute about forty percent of the population. The valley has a sizeable Hindu migrant population of Bangladeshi origin who happened to be the target audience for the BJP.Modi also appealed the election commission to recognize the doubtful voters and include them in the voters list soon.

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