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Kiran Bedi, BJP’s CM Select Blame Bukhari’s Fatma for Massive Defeat

BJP’s Chief Minister select for Delhi, put all the blame for her defeat to the Muslim Community. Pointing fingers at the Jama Masjid Imam Bukhari’s call as the last straw that ensured her defeat she wants an inquiry by the Election Commission to assess the impact of the Fatwa.


Fatwa is a religious directive issued by religious leader on matters of faith. Shahi Imam in a much publicised appeal to the Muslim community had asked them to vote enmasse to the AAP, just a day before the elections.


Although AAP immediately rejected the appeal and asked voters not to be polarized by dividing forces, the BJP’s law minister Arun Jaitley had also responded to the fatwa and had asked voters to vote unitedly against the diktat and provide a befitting answer to appeals.


BJP had earlier also sought blessings of the religious leader Gurmit Ram Rahim of the ‘Dera Saccha Sauda’ the relgious outfit with more than six lakh followers in Delhi.


Yet, Kiran Bedi’s criticism brings forth a new debate in the democratic process. Ms Bedi blames that she was leading in all other areas till the counting reached the muslim dominated locality of Krishnanagar, a constituency that had remained loyal to the BJP in the last five terms.


She lost to AAP’s S K by a margin of 2277 votes only.

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