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Look! Who asks Muslims to be “Communal” now?

Shazia Ilmi



It’s Shazia Ilmi. The pretty, suave, Tv face of the Aam Admi party. She wearing the dupatta neatly wrapped around her head, in midst of handful of people from the community is heard saying ‘Muslims should be communal’ and vote for this time.


Muslims are very secular. Muslims ought to be more communal. (They) do not vote for their own. (AAP leader) Arvind Kejriwal is your own. I say, it is enough of secularism,” Ilmi, who is the AAp candidate from Gaziabad in UP had contested elections from her constituency was campaigning for her party men.


AAP was quick to distance itself from her comments and clarified that ‘the party does not endorse politics of religion’ and ‘all the party men should refrain from mixing the two”. But at the same time the party questioned the timing and the purpose of uploading the video.


Shazia later claimed that the comments were ‘ironical’ and did not carry the literal meaning of the word “communal’. She clarified that she was asking for votes for other party leaders of AAP. Calling in to release the unclipped version of the video, she said ‘it would prove the intention behind the comments’.


She also clarified that some powerful political leaders of the community from her home state UP were out to malign her because of her family background. She hails from UP and is related to prominent political leaders of state.

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