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Mou Haldar : Hindu Girl among Madrassah Board Toppers

Photo Courtesy: The Hindu



The Madrassah Board matriculation results in West Bengal have thrown up a Hindu girl among the toppers. MouHaldar from Khatra in Bankura district is ranked sixth in the state in the Class X results of the Madrassah Board. It may be noted here that the Madrassah Board in West Bengal has equal status as the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education’s Madhyamik exams for Class X. The only difference in the syllabus under the two Boards is that the students under the Madrassah Board also study Arabic and Islam Parichay among other subjects.


Several Hindu children in Bengal study in Madrassah Board schools due to their proximity to their residences. The parents show no hesitation in sending the children to these schools if they are closer as the quality of education is the same when compared to schools under the Madhyamik Board. Fifteen year old Mou also belongs to this group. After finishing class VI in the primary school, she was admitted to the BogdharaSiddikiya High Madrassahas the other High School was about eight km away from her home. According to her there was no difficulty in coping with Arabic and Islam Parichay in the curriculum and that is why she could do so well in her exams.


Though the subject wise breakup of marks is yet to be published, Mou is confident of getting over 80% in both the subjects. She has got a total of 719 out of 800 as per the results published by the West Bengal Board of Madrassah Education. Mou intends to continue her higher secondary education in the same school and hopes to qualify as a doctor finally.


The Madrassah schools in fact have higher enrolment of girls. Girls comprised over 68% of the total students who appeared for this year’s Class X Madrassah Board examination. Even in the merit list published by the Board, eight of the ten toppers are girls.

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