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Muslim Woman Killed for Giving Birth to Girl Child

A girl child is now becoming an issue in Muslim families too. Marina Begum, 23, of Rangolibajna Daldalia under Madarihat police station, North Bengal, was tortured and then killed because she gave birth to a baby girl.


Marina’s problems began a year and half ago after her first child was born. Her husband Faizul Haque used to taunt and torture her daily. A few days ago (April 12th ) Faizul poured acid into Marina’s eyes with help from his brother Arif. When Marina started screaming, her mother-in-law doused her in kerosene and set her on fire.


A screaming Marina ran out of the house ablaze. Some villagers managed to hold her and take her to the Birpara hospital. She died the next day. Marina was unconscious when she was brought to the hospital and was unable to talk to the duty officer.


The villagers and Marina’s elder sister Lata Banu have lodged an FIR against Faizul and his family. The entire Haque family is absconding since the incident. They left the baby girl behind, alone in the house.


According to Lata Banu, Marina was beaten up daily by her husband or brother-in-law for “giving birth to a baby girl”. According to social worker Mr Karimul Haque of Malbazar, contrary to Islamic teachings such social evils were permeating the Muslim community. “Even in the 21st century our society is still handing out injustice to women. We should fight back strongly to give women their rightful place”, he added.


The Police Superintend of Alipurduar, Mr Akash Magharia, said an investigation into the incident has been initiated.

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