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The Indian Minority website aims to give the minority community voices an independent platform for free speech, away from the gate-keeping done by mainstream media in India. Keeping alive the character behind ‘the democratic framework’ of India, this is a forum promoting equal rights and opportunities for every citizen of India irrespective of which community he belongs to. During “General Election 2014” evidences of extreme discrimination towards citizens belonging to the “Indian Minority” community were brought forth in the open making us believe that a fair and thought provoking open discussion forum was urgently needed. And thus came in www.theindianminority.org


Neither did the people representing the huge twenty percent of the Indian Population found space as equal citizens in the political scenario of the country in terms of representation in the Parliament, nor did they get adequate opportunities to be heard. They were instead treated as a herd dancing to the tunes of the majoritarian mindset of the country’s leaders.


Take for example any important issue under discussion on any of the national/regional television channels – be it regarding the economy, politics or various scams, bills, safety and security issues, elections or even something like who should be the next Prime Minister of the country? How many minority faces are seen or minority voices heard in the panel discussions and sound bites on Tvor even as quotes in the newspapers?


Considering the minority population of this country – the religious and ethnic minorities, the gender or social minorities – the proportionate representation of minority voices on different national/regional issues is negligible. Usually, mainstream media gives lip service to minority opinion and that too only when an issue is directly related to the particular community. Also there are just few a regular facesthat vouch for the whole community but talk about their own vested interests and agenda. Even then, it’s always the majority voices which are louder, stronger and overpowering.


We at “The Indian Minority” aim to change this. We want the minority voices to be heard loud, clear and equal. We want the minority Indian opinion on all issues – not just minority issues – to resonant equally in the public domain. We believe the very spirit of “India” and its culture is to promote democracy, equality and unity. We took up the cause for minority Indian voices because we strongly believe that the very concept behind “India” gets damaged if equal opportunity is not provided to all Indian citizens. And we understand that religion, gender and community should not be the factors determining social discrimination.


Since the minority community lacks that equal opportunity to be heard, here is our modest beginning. We solicit contributions and comments on regional / national/ international issues which you think are significant to you as Indian citizen-promoting equal rights.


Write to us at editor@theindianminority.org and we will publish you.


Posted on May 16, 2014



— The Indian Minority