Inroads into dense Sundarbans through women laid Brick Lanes

Colony para is just another far-fetched village in remote Sundarban area of South 24 Paragana district of West Bengal. Until recently the village was completely inaccessible to the main world… More »

Je suis Charlie… Are we, really?

This blog is posted by an individual who is one of the few who seek to challenge the blatant display of hypocrisy shown by some world leaders, in the name… More »

Love, Jihad, Faith and Conversion: All that continues to burn

Saadia Azim   Naima, a twenty four year old mother of two, is my neighbor in my hometown in Purnia, Bihar. Naima was Naina until five years ago when she… More »

The Jihad (Struggle) for Love!

Saadia Azim   With the controversy surrounding mixed religion marriages in India these days and terming them as ´Love Jihad´ or part of a greater conspiracy, it seems it is… More »


Yotsana, Student at Amity University.   Women are considered a minority group, even though the sex ratio of the entire world population is just 101 males to 100 female, simply… More »

My take on the term “Minority”: I detest

Saadia Azim   The Indian Constitution has providedus two sets of rights for minorities which can be placed as in ‘common domain’ and ‘separate domain’. The rights which fall in… More »

The Skull Cap Debate: “Should he, Should’nt he”, “But Why Wouldn’t He”?

Saadia Azim NarendraModi’s repeated denial to don the skull cap presented to him by his Muslim supporters who do not miss an opportunity to prove that ‘hedoes’nt hate them’ and… More »